Our founder always inspired digital entertainment, how to involve people and make them enter a world full of possibilities. That is why we focus on what entertainment is concerned, transport your mind to desired oasis, we get you a genuine smile, where the inner child enjoy shocking and unforgettable moments that we can create. We are a company that warrants simplicity as a religion in the graphic world, remember that things that look simple are the most complex and they create quality products.

The quality mixed with creativity gives us the essence of FACTY, that magic touch and surreal. We know what you want and need, study everyday multimedia trends in this evolving marketplace. We are on par with technology and knowledge and likewise we innovate in our products with the highest quality just for you.


"Life is a Promo" is our slogan, and it means that your life is a promotion, like a person as you wheter you promote your personality or your work, but you are always in the streets promotion you. therefore your life is a promo and we do for you or your company better promotion when you needed.